The Rooms

Each one different from giving a new impression to the complex, and laid emphasis on the innovative style, fresh and modern hotel in an area that sometimes seen as too serious or militant. The peculiarity of the bathrooms in the rooms is to be very large, real salle de bain, reflecting the need for guests to prepare in a comfortable and easy.
LIGHT PLAN, highlights the color of the rooms light and soft. Wooden floor and mats, light style, the detail of the ceilings and the warm color of the walls, put emphasis on aesthetic refinement, ably edited by skilled craftsmen.
PLAN BLUE, made in a color closely related to bright light and a symbol of inner peace, create a sophisticated game of balance and contrast with the silver Venetian plaster wall at the head of the bed, enriching itself with the elegant shine of the marble floor blue.
PLAN ORANGE lets go to the depth of the Venetian stucco walls, a warm color choice of orange and brilliant well as a symbol of evolution is enriched by the rigors of the warm parquet flooring wenge.